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The Society was formed in 1975 by a group of Miami physician plastic surgeons. The purpose, then as now, is learning together, sharing ideas and growing collegial relationships. All with the goal of advancing patient care and safety.

We’ve evolved into one of the nation’s prominent societies of physician plastic surgeons. Our educational programs have enriched the lives and practices of our physician members, and the patients in their care. Many of our members have grown into national leadership roles from their leadership roots in The Society.

We are even more relevant today. In this era of increasing competition and change, many types of doctors perform cosmetic procedures. Yet the safest and most skilled care is from the hands of physicians specially trained and certified in plastic surgery. The Society supports the professional advancement of board certified physician plastic surgeons. We also help patients make the most informed decisions in selecting a surgeon.

Dr. Ricardo Castrellón

Dr. Ricardo Castrellón

Aesthetic surgery

Dr. Ricardo Castrellón is an experienced double board-certified plastic surgeon serving the South Florida area. His extensive education and training in multiple areas of medicine include, general surgery, critical care, trauma, burn care, as well as plastic and reconstructive surgery–making him a surgeon who patients can trust to understand their unique situation at a profound and holistic level.

Dr. Castrellón has been in private practice in Miami Dade County for the past eight years and has actively developed several trauma centers in the region. As a pillar in the medical community, he continues to play a critical role in reconstructive efforts for trauma patients of mass casualty events.

He’s the founder and former medical doctor at South Miami Burn Center where his experience is essential to the care plans for burn victims in the Baptist Health System.

Board member of Miami Plastic Surgery Society, Dr. Castrellón steadily promotes safety and transparency in the plastic surgery industry. He is trained in maxillofacial surgery to expand his knowledge of soft tissue and bone management. Castrellón is immersed in the field of medical research of bone care and regenerative tissue technologies.

Affiliated to various higher learning institutions, he is a voluntary faculty member at the Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine (HWCOM) at FIU and at Nova Southeastern University.

Originally from Panama, Dr. Castrellón enjoys Martial Arts, cars, painting, and art. He is married with two wonderful daughters who are growing up way too fast. He loves traveling and is currently pursuing an MBA in health service administration.

Dr. Castrellón is passionate about attaining the most natural and beautiful results for every individual, balancing artistry, meticulous attention to detail, extraordinary care, and safety.

Our Vision

The vision of The Miami Society of Plastic Surgeons is to advance the relationships of plastic surgeons and promote an environment to allow ideas to flourish. As a result, we are able to offer exceptional care to our patients with skilled physicians offering cutting edge treatment and safe care! For the future, we envision the growth and further advancement of plastic surgery, and to offer even more effective treatment and care to our patients.

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