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Representing Miami’s Board certified physician plastic surgeons. A resource for members and patients.

About The Society


The Society was formed in 1975 by a group of Miami physician plastic surgeons. The purpose, then as now, is learning together, sharing ideas and growing collegial relationships. All with the goal of advancing patient care and safety.

We’ve evolved into one of the nation’s prominent societies of physician plastic surgeons. Our educational programs have enriched the lives and practices of our physician members, and the patients in their care. Many of our members have grown into national leadership roles from their leadership roots in The Society.


Benefits for Physicians

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Membership, approved by The Society vote, signifies the physician has received formal medical training, is board certified and recognized by his or her peers as an outstanding provider in the Miami medical community.



Our well-attended, monthly meeting has an educational focus. Medical experts and industry leaders present on trends and technologies in plastic surgery—cosmetic and reconstructive—and patient safety.


Building Relationships

The Society is a collegial organization. In the midst of busy practices, physicians have a convenient and supportive forum for visiting, sharing and learning from one another.

Representing Miami's Best And Most Reputable Board Certified Plastic Surgeons

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We are even more relevant today. In this era of increasing competition and change, many types of doctors perform cosmetic procedures. Yet the safest and most skilled care is from the hands of physicians specially trained and certified in plastic surgery. The Society supports the professional advancement of board certified physician plastic surgeons. We also help patients make the most informed decisions in selecting a

Our Vision

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Each surgeon is scrutinized by peers before becoming a member.

Our Vision

Learn more about The Miami Society of Plastic Surgeons vision is and how it benefits you.

Our Founders

Learn more about the founders of The Miami Society of Plastic Surgeons and why we are here.

Our Members

Learn more about who our members are in The Miami Society of Plastic Surgeons.

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